Withdrawal Policy

The website www.investmentsglobal.com is owned and operated by Investments Global (the “Company”).

The Company is committed to ensuring that your withdrawal request is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  1. Withdrawals from your account are available solely through Crypto Asset Transfers.

  2. Withdrawals are subject to the conditions of the Company’s Bonus Application Policy and Agreement (if relevant).

  3. Please be advised that the minimum withdrawal amount is the Crypto Asset equivalent of 50 USD/EUR/GBP.

  4. No Withdrawal fee shall apply on withdrawal requests.

  5. The withdrawal process, on average, should take 7-10 working days


  1. The Crypto Asset exchange rate will be determined by the rate at the time the transfer is processed and not at the time of the exchange.

  2. The Company will not be held liable nor is it able to affect the fluctuation of the Crypto Asset price on the global financial markets.

  3. Our exchange rates are as determined on https://www.bitstamp.net.

  4. Please Note: The Company is not accountable for any loss that derives from submission of a request that contains the wrong Crypto wallet address. It is at the sole responsibility of the Client to transfer to the Company accurate Crypto wallet address.

  5. For the avoidance of a doubt, the Client, and not the Company, will bear all the expenses incurred during the withdrawal process, including all exchange fees and charges.


If you have any further inquiries, contact our support team via email at [email protected]

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